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Aoerdeng Furniture Co., Ltd

is located in Longjiang Town, Shunde District, the largest furniture manufacturing base of Foshan City throughout the country. Our company is a professional manufacturer of making mattress which specializes in research and development, manufacture and marketing. We have rich experience of manufacture for many years and our products’ design style is focus on generous, dignity and comfortable. Our products are made of pure cotton fabrics and it has high count and high density.We use combing technology to manufacture and we will continue to improve the technology for you. Since the foundation, we experienced hardship for many years step by step and we ushered in the success today.

In a long time of operation, Aoerdeng lightened out a dazzing brilliance continually and laid off a beautiful track.

Our company has the ability to produce and export a large amount of spring mattress, hotel mattress, foam mattress, and the spring roll bag mattress and so on. Our products are excellent in quality and reasonable inprice, and the delivery time is accurately. We welcome customers all over the world to come and place an order. Our staff arewilling to getyour trust and support with their sincerely labor work.

AOERDENG will accompany you to write down the glorious history of your business.
AOERDENG will make you " Devise strategies within a command to win a victory thousands miles away."

We will do better and walk farther with your attention and support.